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Wireshark – Loading configuration files

For people running Wireshark on Windows, there are times where it would end up just at the loading screen stuck at “Loading configuration files. ”


The main issue looks like Wireshark is not able to initialize the WinPcap service properly and as a result, it causes Wireshark to hang on the part of the loading screen.
From the Wireshark forums, there are some commands detailed from “bgpvpn.”

These commands can be run under Start -> cmd -> Right click -> Run as administrator:

Paste the following commands:
1. sc config npf start= delayed-auto
2. reboot

Hope this helps!

Source: – Great Dev Resource

Figured I would share this great resource for people who not only are web developers, but even IT admins alike. It’s a great resource called

What is It is a website that provides online tools via Azure Resources, Virtual Machine Templates, Render screenshots, and site scanning.

Great tool for web developers to check out their website on many different platforms, but for myself running a home lab it is great for the templates they provide.

The website presents you with the following homepage when you navigate to it:

microsoft edge

Most importantly here is the virtual machines page that allows you to get images for Vagrant, Virtual Box, VMware, and Hyper -V that are pre-compiled and ready to go.

virtual machines

Hope this helps and happy testing!


Jailbreak – iOS 9 Safari Issues

For myself going on the iOS 9 jailbreak train, there have been some issues I have come across with it. One of the caveats is when using page redirects on Safari with authentication using other providers seen on iOS 9 on my iPhone 5S.
Usually, what you will see is the following error: “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.”
Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 1.03.21 PM

There is a fix available by saurik from a Reddit thread detailing the issue, and the fix for it.
“I have put together a fix for this as part of the package Patcyh, which is already solving a similar issue (and, in a very real way, “causing” this issue… frowny). ”
“Add this repository to Cydia, and upgrade Patcyh:”

Provided below are the instructions on how to perform the fix:
1. Open Cydia
2. Click on Sources
3. Click Edit
4. Add “” as a source.
5. Let the package install and then Return to Cydia
5. Go to Installed and find Patchy
6. Click on Modify
7. Either Reinstall or Upgrade the Package
8. All should be good now

Additional Notes:
Please note that if you have the ( ) as a Source it may cause issues.

Happy Jailbreaking!


ESXi 6.0 and Intel E1000e

Figured I would make a quick post of the Intel E1000e.tgz used with ESXi 6.0.

Looks like VMware should have included the drivers for the following E1000e based chipsets:

intel® 82563/6/7 Gigabit Ethernet PHY, 82571/2/3/4/7/8/9, 82583 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, and I217/I218.

I have so far confirmed that it is working on the 82577LM from Intel featured in most Lenovo Laptops. The 2nd Gen Intel Series and the 3rd Gen Intel Series. (T520/X230)

It would be a cool thing for people that already own Lenovo Laptops that can be easily converted to ESXi hosts now.


Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8 Works on Wind!

I recently got the Galaxy S5 for my sister on Rogers a few weeks back and felt why not unlock the device incase she is going to travel from carrier to carrier in the future.

I actually found an unlock code through for $15.00 and put in the request.

When it came to unlocking the phone I needed a microSIM and figured why not try my Wind Mobile SIM Card instead before I go for my Koodo SIM Card.

I put the SIM Card into the phone, and it asked for the usual please enter code. I entered the unlock code and waited for the phone to restart. Afterwards low and behold I had working Wind service!

It’s a good thing to note that the Galaxy S4 had this capability but it had to be unlocked through rooting and a custom rom. It is welcoming to see that it is native to the Galaxy S5.

Figured i’d just make this quick post and bye for now!

Nexus 4 problems and how I fixed them. (Wifi and Bluetooth Problems)

So I’d had my Nexus 4 for about a year, and my Dad recently took over my Sisters Nexus 4 recently.

I never regarded this as an issue as I was never really using WiFi much on my Nexus 4. (When you have a 5GB Data Plan you don’t really have to.) The main issues I had been either really slow or non-existant Wireless. There is also a Bluetooth problem residing on the Nexus 4 where it will disconnect during calls or randomly. (Doesn’t help when your using a LinktoCell or Bluetooth headset). Apparently this is due to poor drivers on the Nexus 4 from Qualcomm. You would think that Qualcomm would give decent drivers or Google to have fixed the problem but it’s been here through the last couple revisions of Android.

I’ve used Stock Android with Root on 4.3, 4.4, and 4.4.2 on my Nexus 4. For the most part I connect my Nexus 4 to my Panasonic Link to Cell, my Pebble, and my Bluetooth Speakers. For Wifi I have a Linksys EA4500 running on their classic firmware providing the Wireless connectivity.

Through testing through all three stock Android images the issue still resided until somebody suggested i’d flash CyanogenMod 11. I figured I’d give it a try as I didn’t have many other options so after flashing the issues were gone.

Kind of surprised that the stock images from Google are still plagued with this issue, but for now I just want something that works.

Props to Youngmug on the Google Nexus Group!topic/nexus/K6VWcrIAz4o%5B251-275-false%5D